Facets of Time by HKMA — April 10 - April 29
encore exhibit — January 23 - July 06
David Prentice and Richard Nott — April 13 - June 17
At first glance British artist Richard Nott and American artist David Prentice seem to represent opposite polarities in contemporary art practice. Although both have s...
Post War Blues — January 01 - December 31
Post War Blues is a community based art installation: the majority of the flowers will be created by people from the surrounding communities and beyond, illustrating t...
Recent Work — April 15 - June 12
Michael Sorgatz's paintings of figures in urban landscapes depict the constant evolution of the city.
  • Tonight is your last chance to see 3 Space, an exhibition by Christine Soccio @ 300 W 30th St. about 19 hours ago via Twitter
  • Richard Nott & David Prentice #PublicArt #free #chashama #artistreception 4 days ago via Twitter
  • Tonight! Artist Reception 4 David Prentice and Richard Nott 1155 Avenue of the Americas @ 6pm 4 days ago via Twitter
  • Transitory by Gisella Sorrentino opens tonight! #arthappens #publicart #OpeningNight #photography 5 days ago via Twitter
  • Monuments for the Rejected by Eunjin Kim #art #recycledmaterials #publicart 5 days ago via Twitter
  • Opening tonight @ 6pm: Transitory by Gisella Sorrentino @GazePhotograph at 461 W 126th St 5 days ago via Twitter
chashama nurtures artists by transforming unused property into work and presentation space.

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