Sarah Wang


A painter and photographer born in Harbin, China, Sarah grew up in the Bay Area from the age of six. She earned her BA in Art Education from San Francisco State University with an emphasis in drawing and painting as well as a CA Teaching Credential in K-12 Art Education. Now based in New York City, Sarah hopes to use education as a platform to bring art to communities where art programs are often a neglected service, as she believes that art should be accessible to everyone, for to begin to create art is to conceptualize new ideas, the first step towards transcending personal boundaries. Sarah is very interested in people, in celebrating the differences in us all and in what individual beauty each person brings to the world. In her paintings she deals heavily with portraits, expressing and exploring personal identity through what can be translated onto canvas. In her photography she loves to capture the everyday, the moments or things we are often too caught up in to notice.

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