A Trio of Solo Exhibitions

A Trio of Solo Exhibitions | Causey Contemporary

June 19 - July 30, 2017

55 Broadway
New York, NY
(between Morris Street and Exchange Alley)
Generously donated by Harbor Group Management Company

Nearest Trains: 4, 5, R

Opening Reception: Wednesday, June 21, 6-8pm
Conversations with the Artists: Thursday, July 13, 6-8pm

Open Hours: Monday - Thursday, 11am-6pm, Friday - Saturday, 12-7pm. 
On view 24/7, through window.

Causey Contemporary presents a summer trio of solo exhibitions focusing on nature and our personal environments through abstract paintings, sculpture, drawings, and photography with collage. While Edward Holland and Norman Mooney explore relationships with the natural world, particularly "the heavens" in Holland's case, Michel Demanche examines the environment of one’s neighborhood or imaginary neighborhood.

About the Artists
Michel Demanche defines herself as an artist whose work deals with perception, illusion, and memory. In the words of critic and writer, Wade Wilson, "she is a storyteller whose work addresses the commonalities of everyday life in her native Texas, Maryland where she currently lives, and indeed in the United States at large." Technically, Michel’s art falls clearly within the style of the North Texas School of art made famous by Robert Rauschenberg. She regularly combines traditional photography, printmaking, painting, drawing, and handmade papers in her compositions which are two-dimensional or fully three-dimensional by turn. Both types of work were present in the recent survey of her work, “Continuum: A 35 Year Investigation of Alchemy, Enthalpy, and Entropy” at the University Galleries in Salisbury, MD.  Her works have been exhibited nationally and internationally garnering many awards such as 1st place in photography at the Florence Biennial.

Edward Holland cites Matisse, Mitchell, Johns Manet, Bruegel, and Titian as artists whose work he admires. Their influences are hinted at in Edward’s color palette, his layering of materials and his breaking of each painting's surface into different planes or segments. He most often works in series. His abstract paintings--in acrylic, colored pencil, and graphite, with collaged elements torn from books, advertisements or newspapers--have been exhibited across the United States and can be found in the public collections of Syracuse University and the Strauss Institute. He has a simultaneous exhibition at Gallery 543, URBN in Philadephia, NY.

Norman Mooney was born in Dublin Ireland in 1971. He makes works that are at once physical and metaphysical, exploring the elemental and cyclical synergies of nature. Materiality, pattern, scale,  and experience are key concerns within his practice. Norman creates sculptures, interior and exterior installations, drawings, and works on paper. His methodology is one of experimentation and process with materials such as smoke, glass, steel, and resin. His sculptures, in particular, stylistically fall in line with such artists as Tony Smith and Robert Morris.

Norman studied at the Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork and completed his BFA at the National College of Art in Dublin in 1992. He then received the distinguished honor of participating in the Third Degree program at the Irish Museum of modern Art from 1992 to 1993. In 1994 he relocated to New York City and has been exhibiting locally and internationally for more than 17 years.

About Causey Contemporary
Under the direction of Tracy Causey-Jeffery, Causey Contemporary cultivates and represents contemporary artists from their emergence through their maturity. The gallery is dedicated to helping collectors understand and enjoy their artworks withing historical, cultural, and social contexts. Their mission is to nourish dialogue and relationships between artists, collectors, and curators. Since 1999, the gallery has exhibited its core group of artists along with others from around the world in its own space and satellite spaces around New York City as well as at international art fairs such as Volta, Pulse, and Art Los Angeles Contemporary. 

About the Curator 
Tracy Causey-Jeffery works with new and experienced collectors helping them find and add artists with talent, integrity, and art historical relevance to their collections. Over the past 15 years, Ms. Causey-Jeffery has curated some 165 exhibitions for the gallery as well as one two-city exhibition, Falling Short of Kno
wing, for Milk Gallery in New York and Collector’s Contemporary in Singapore. She also helped organize the first exhibition of designer Joseph Walsh at the American Irish Historical Society in 2008.  Working alongside London curator Brian Kennedy and designer Joseph Walsh and in partnership with Culture IrelandThe Design & Crafts Council of Ireland, and the Cooper Hewitt Museum of Art and Design,  she organized Material Poetry, the first of a three year, three show traveling exhibition. In 2013, she curated Continuum: a 35 Year Investigation in Alchemy, Enthalpy and Entropy; an exhibition of artist Michel Demanche for Salisbury University Art Galleries. Most recently, she curated Chthonic/Sublime, a retrospective featuring works from the estates of artists Charlotte Lichtblau and Sy Gresser.

Ms. Causey-Jeffery received her undergra
duate degrees in International Relations and Oriental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania followed by a Masters Certificate in Art history from Sotheby's Institute/University of London in 1989. Before opening her own gallery, she interned at Sotheby's New York and worked for A & J Speelman in London, Martin Lawrence Galleries in New York, and Cavin-Morris Gallery in New York. She is a member of ArtTable, where she currently serves on the programming committee. Additionally, she is on the Creative Review Advisory Panel for Salisbury University Galleries.
For more info, visit: Causey Contemporary or contact: tracy@causeycontemporary.com

Tags: painting, installation, sculpture, photography, 55 Broadway, collage
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