In partnership with TABLA RASA GALLERY, chashama presents:

Thursday, January 14 - Saturday, February 20, 2016
Closing Reception: Saturday, February 20, 2:30 - 4:30 pm
224 48th Street
(between 2nd & 3rd Avenues)
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Artists Reception: Thursday, January 14, 6:00 - 8:30 pm

Directions: Take D or N express train to 36th Street Brooklyn Station, plus one R stop to 45th Street

Gallery hours: Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 
1:00 - 5:00 pm
Call (718) 833-9100 for events and schedule updates.

Artists Discussion: Tuesday, February 9, 6:30 pm
Kenneth E. Parris III with William Petroni and Melissa Toogood

Participating Artists
Carl Auge
Julio Austria
Tirtzah Bassel
Nicholas Fraser
Syd Glasser
Athena LaTocha
Suyeon Na
Linda Lee Nicholas
Mitch Patrick
Kenneth E. Parris III
Michael Watson

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A group exhibition of artists selected from the chashama Workspace Program, where emerging and mid-career artists create art in a nurturing and affordable environment.
"Ars Nova", is borrowed from a term which generally applies to a musical style from the Late Middle Ages. It translates from Latin to "new art". Flourishing in the 14th century, Ars Nova was free in character, marked by variety in rhythms and melodies. 

For us, the unifying factor of  the artwork in this exhibition parallels the Ars Nova movement in the sense that there is a freshness, and a "newness" beyond the formalities and traditions of image making. All of the artists were selected from the chashama studio program, where emerging and mid-career artists create their art in a nurturing and affordable environment. Located in the BAT (Brooklyn Army Terminal) buildings, chashama, in partnership with Tabla Rasa Gallery, represents the new frontier of arts and culture in Sunset Park. 

Mitch Patrick creates his topological digital images with a 3-D printer. His application of technology, addressing the history of the pixel by specifically tapping into the NASA programs, results in a new form of materializing and viewing digital images.

In contrast to using cutting-edge digital printing, Michael Watson turns to fundamental elements. Utilizing fire and rice-based mediums his unconventional process results in compelling charred abstractions, specific to his cultural experience.

Athena LaTocha, born in Anchorage, Alaska, also uses an unconventional approach when painting her images aerially with her materials on the floor. At once abstract and suggestive of wild earth-scapes, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith describes her images: "Her work has high drama, the earthen kind, as in arid places with volcanoes, earthquakes, high winds and spewing ash."

Kenneth E. Parris III investigates the exploitation of success and the American dream. "The human form and tension in the body is used as the physical embodiment of manipulative forces and a representation of the conflict between the ideal and reality."

Linda Lee Nicholas is a multidisciplinary artist using non-traditional processes in mixed media work. The amorphous forms draw your attention, alternately suggesting physical forms in nature and fantasy. 

Contemporary Filipino artist Julio Jose Austria creates works focused on urbanization and migration based upon his life experiences. The form generates meaning. Abstract elements of  color, texture and stroke reveal themes of social realism.

Suyeon Na is a multi – media artist born in Seoul, Korea the crystalline collage and painted images of her work mirror dreams, fairytales and fantasies that are closely linked subconscious and animalistic instincts of humans, as part of nature. 

Using a predominantly mono-chromatic palette, Syd Glasser's rugged landscapes are influenced by her excursion to Iceland.

Tirtzah Bassel paints large-scale images, observing anew the nature of daily interactions. After initial quick sketches drawn directly from observation in department stores, she drips, smears, slashes and strokes paint across the canvas, juxtaposing the sensual qualities of oil paint with the mundaneness of shopping.

In the urban landscapes of Carl Auge, images of contemporary reality and personal narrative collide in boldly painted canvases.

In addition to the aforementioned wall-hung artwork, Nicholas Fraser presents Follow, an ongoing video-based portrait of contemporary urban life in public spaces, comprised of more than 2,400 videos of storefronts throughout New York. 

Artist, Kenneth E. Parris III, discusses the role of the figure in his paintings with William Petroni on Saturday, January 23rd at 2:30 pm.  Mr. Petroni is an Art Collector, General Manager for Cecily Brown, Managing Director of Cristin Tierney Gallery, and has danced with Melissa with the Pam Tanowitz Dance Company. 
The conversation will focus on Kenneth's series inspired by the backstage life of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company on their final world tour and how this evolved into a new body of work that investigates the exploitation of success and the American Dream. The discussion includes Modern Contemporary Dancer and former Cunningham Company member Melissa Toogood, a subject in both bodies

About Tabla Rasa Gallery
Tabla Rasa Gallery is located in the burgeoning art destination of Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The gallery is known for their consistently stunning exhibitions. Within the 4000 square foot turn of the century carriage house, the gallery exhibits primary and secondary market artwork by emerging, mid-career, and established artists, in all media, including painting, sculpture, installation, drawing, print media, digital, film and video. of work.
Exhibitions are free and open to the public. It is recommended to call (718) 833-9100 for events and schedule updates.
About chashama:
chashama, which means "to have vision" in Farsi, nurtures artists by transforming underutilized properties into affordable work and presentation spaces for artists, performers, youth and community groups. Since 1995, chashama has revitalized over 80 properties, providing invaluable space to create for more than 12,000 artists. chashama empowers artists at any stage of their career with services that offer continuous opportunities to create, develop and present. chashama also aspires to bring the benefits of art and creativity to New Yorkers of all ages and backgrounds with over 130 free, public events and access to cultural programming throughout New York City.
Call (718) 833-9100 for additional hours, events and schedule updates.

eader Image: 
Athena LaTocha, Untitled (detail), Sumi and walnut ink and shellac on photo paper
Tags: painting, gallery, mixed media, exhibition, group exhibition, BAT, group exhibit, tabla rasa gallery
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chashama nurtures artists by transforming unused property into work and presentation space.

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