Bad Bugs Bunny

Bad Bugs Bunny (November 8, 2005)

The Tank @chashama 208 West 37th Street
"The program is comprised of ten suppressed cartoons that show the true history of America: Sex, Violence and Racism! None of these cartoons has been issued on commercial video tape in their complete, uncensored form. The first big attempt to rewrite the past and censor cartoons was in 1968. Eleven Warner Brothers cartoons were selected to never be shown again. Three of those cartoons are in this program in their complete, original form. I use Bugs Bunny as the icon for the greater output of Warner Brothers animation. Bugs Bunny does not appear in every cartoon. I have tried to make this an equal opportunity offensive program with cartoons insulting as many ethnic groups and sensibilities as possible." - curator Dennis Nyback. Tags: mixed media, video, 208 W 37th Street
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