The Blithedale Romance

a retrospective of selected art from the 2010 cha north residency

My thoughts became of little worth, and my sensibilities grew as arid as a tuft of moss, (a thing whose life is
in the shade, the rain, or the noontide dew), crumbling in the sunshine, after long expectance of a shower. So,
with my heart full of drowsy pleasure , and cautious not to dissipate my mood by previous intercourse with
any one, I hurried away, and was soon pacing a wood-path, arched overhead with boughs, and dusky brown
beneath my feet.

-Nathanial Hawthorne

217 East 42nd Street
New York, NY

February 14 - 28, 2011
Hours: 1-7pm, Wednesday-Saturday

Please join us for this residency reunion/art opening on February 14

musical performance by Sara Bouchard

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Sara Bouchard performs her new song cycle "The News: Monday - Friday" on guitar, mandolin and autoharp. Composed in five consecutive days, the song cycle borrows its words from daily newspaper clippings which Bouchard has poetically recontextualized into a narrative of a community's struggle with spirituality after being uprooted by a natural disaster.

Performance/reading by Brook Stephenson (and crew):

"It takes a nation of millions to hold us back"
Excerpted from the maturation of moses jones

Curated by Veronica Kavass

Including artists:
Emily Bolevice  //  Aneikit Bonnel  //  Sara Bouchard  //  Murray Dwertmann  //  Yuko Oda  //  Cosme Herrera  //  Stephen Holding  //  Elias Melad  //  Brandon Neubauer  //  Suko Presseau  //  Ryan Schneider  //  Eliza Stamps  //  Brook Stephenson  //  Linsey Wallace  //  Christine Wang  //  Seldon Yuan

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