Colony Collapse

Colony Collapse | curated by Melissa Rose
November 27* - December 8, 2017

485 Madison Ave (South) 
New York, NY
(Between 52nd and 51st) 
Space provided by Jack Resnick & Sons

Nearest Trains: 6, E, M

Open Hours: 
Wednesday, 12 - 4pm
Thursday, 2 - 6pm
Friday, 4 - 8pm
Saturday, 2 - 6pm
Sunday, 12 - 4pm

*Open hours have been postponed one week.
Visible through storefront window 24/7.

Closing Reception: Friday, December 8, 6 - 10pm

The group exhibition Colony Collapse presents visual works relating to human consumption and its effects on the world's pollinators, particularly bees. People are more similar to these creatures than we might realize; their insect societies are very reflective of our own, with many individuals of different skills working within a community. Each action is very calculated, but instinctual. Their intuitive calling drives them to benefit the colony. The “hive mind” serves as a collective consciousness. Energetic signals get sent back and forth between the bees, with a complexity that is similar to the inner workings of a human brain, each bee acting almost like a neuron. But what happens when neurons fail to transmit their signals? The brain shuts down. Colony collapse disorder is the phenomenon that transpires when the majority of a colony's worker bees disappear, abandoning their queen. Losing bees comes with tragic consequences for the entire ecosystem that surrounds them, not only within the hive. Bees pollinate about one-third of the plants humans and other animals consume, so it is easy to see just how dependent we are on them for survival.  
The universe is filled with chaotic order. In an entropic whirlwind, floating through time and space, a honey bee flaps its wings and creates a tornado. As life continues to exist, it continues to be destroyed. The cataclysm of existence can be heard in the a buzz of a bee.There is no doubt that our human existence is connected to these melliferous creatures. If they cease to exist, then so do we.

This show includes work from Suzanne Anker, Madeline Bohm, Matthew Draeger, M3at, and Jasmine Williams. 

About the Curator

Colony Collapse has been curated by Melissa Rose, an artist from Long Island, New York. Seeking to combine her love of art, nature, and science, Rose began her practice at SVA with Suzanne Anker. More recently, she showed work at the 2017 Chashama Gala and at Point Green art gallery in Brooklyn, NY. Rose's personal work is very connected to the concept of this exhibition, which is essentially where the inspiration to curate a show like this came from: to form a colony of artists creating work that speaks for bees and humans alike. Melissa Rose can also be found on Instagram.

About the Artists

For more about each artist, visit their personal websites:
Suzanne Anker, and on Instagram
Madeline Bohm, and on Instagram
Matthew Draeger, and on Instagram
M3at, and on Instagram
Jasmine Williams, and on Instagram

For more information or to schedule a viewing, please contact Melissa at or visit

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