World Autism Ability Awareness: Don't 'dis' the Ability

detail from a piece by Ping Lian Yeak
World Autism Ability Awareness: Don't 'dis' the Ability | Strokes of Genius, Inc.

February 11 - March 18, 2018

470 Vanderbilt by RXR Realty
Brooklyn, NY
(on the corner of Atlantic & Vanderbilt Avenues)

Nearest Trains: C,G, and a short walk from the Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center Station

Open Hours: Saturday - Wednesday, 12pm - 6pm
Thursday, 12 - 8pm

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 15, 5:30 - 8pm
Special Event: Saturday, February 17: Talk, 2 - 3pm, Live Entertainment, 3 - 5pm.

Curated by Dr. Rosa Martinez, President of Strokes of Genius, Inc., World Autism Ability Awareness: “Don’t ‘dis’ the Ability”: Artworks by Individuals on the Autism Spectrum is an exploration of the mindsets, emotions and skills of these extraordinary artists, in spite of their social, cognitive, behavioral and verbal challenges. The exhibition includes work from 26 international and national artists affected by autism. The mission of the exhibition is to expand understanding of the diversity of people on the autism spectrum, while educating the world about abilities and opportunities to encourage the advancement of every human being beyond their individual challenges. The participating artists share their contributions with the world as an extension of the message, “Don’t DIS abiity!”

About Strokes of Genius, Inc
Strokes of Genius, Inc. is a 501(c) non-profit organization. They educate and empower individuals with an autism spectrum disorder by promoting their artistic abilities in contrast to their disabilities. Strokes of Genius strives to further expand opportunities for individuals who may be impaired socially, verbally, behaviorally and for those with a love or passion in creating art, by providing a vehicle from which to express themselves as well as generate income from their creativity. All proceeds from artworks sold go directly back to the artist. Through the creation of opportunities for broad public outreach, as well as accessibility to the arts, Strokes of Genius hopes to remove existing barriers for their artists and to encourage the widest possible participation.

About the Artists

Autism is a complex brain disorder that inhibits a person's ability to communicate and develop social relationships, and is often accompanied by extreme behavioral challenges. Many of the individuals included in this exhibit express themselves through their art. Strokes of Genius's artists range in age from adolescent emerging artists to highly renowned international adult artists, all of whom have an autism spectrum disorder. Most have been featured in major exhibitions, documentaries, books and other media. The exhibiting artists include prodigies, savants and a prodigious savant. For more information on savants, go to

Featuring work by
Trent Altman (KY), Amoako Buachie (NYC), Madison Maureen Cahill (NY), Justin Canha (NJ), Delwin Cheah (Malaysia), Seth Chwast (OH), Marcy Deutsch (OR), Temple Grandin (CO), Michael Hanon (TX), Paloma Kalish (NYC), Amanda Lamunyon (OK), Leland Lee (Taiwan), Jonathan Lerman (NY), Grant Manier (TX), Andrea Michael (Australia), Clive Morton (UK), Jessica Park (United States), Christophe Pillault (France), Erik Warren (
United States), Daniel Curtis Wattenbarger (WA), Richard Wawro (Scotland), George Widener (United States), Donna Williams (Australia), Stephen Wiltshire (UK), Ping Lian Yeak (Malaysia, residing in Australia)

For more information, please contact Rosa: or visit Strokes of Genius's website at
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