Perpetual Binary

Perpetual Binary
By Katherine Emely Gómez

chashama 461 Gallery
461 West 126th Street
New York, NY 10027

May 11 - May 24, 2014

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Friday 6 - 9:30 pm
Saturday - Sunday 9 - 5  pm

Reception for the Artist:
Saturday, May 10, 2014,  6 -9 pm

Katherine Emely Gómez's photography focuses on her personal life experiences from a fictional imagined vantage point. Her photography seeks to find ways to make the invisible visible, transcending time by playing with memories and images from her past and present in order to come to a conclusion about how her future will look. 

Perpectual Binary is a new exhibition focusing on Gómez's experience of the recent loss of her identical twin sister, Emely Gómez, who passed away suddenly a year ago. This has taken her artwork and life in a completely new direction. As an identical twin, her image has come to represent three entities: her sister, her twin hood, and herself.
These new works relate to intuitive thought, emptiness and cognitive awareness: the feeling that time has stopped, or of an alternate dream-like universe. Other aspects of her work have a ghostly blur, symbolic of her former spirit and future spiritual essence.
While this new self does not have a twin sister physically present, it is none-the-less as uniquely beautiful as it always was. While reinventing her identity was not something she had welcomed, she could not run from it. By exploring her inner self she has come to the conclusion that her other half is always with her. This exhibition of her recent photography becomes a portal through which Gómez can rekindle a moment in time with her sister, and even continue making new ones.

About the artist:

Katherine Emely Gómez is a NYC based artist. Gómez pursued her Master's of Fine Arts at Lehman College. Her artwork has been showcased at the Living Gallery in Brooklyn and at The Gateway II, in Newark, NJ, Penn Station. In addition, her story and artworks were broadcasted at the News12 and written in the El Diario Newspaper.


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