FREEDOM [pt. 1]

FREEDOM [pt.1]
by Elsa Marie Keefe

September 1-2, 5-7:30pm

Anita's Way
(The through block connecting W 42nd and W 43rd St. btwn 6th Ave and Broadway)

Inspired by oneness, this piece was created using digital means including photography, videography, and Adobe products such as Premiere Pro and Photoshop. This art projection is comprised of stills and moving pictures captured and composited over the past 3 years. The concept is based around questions and "normalcy." Focused on Freedom, this sequence questions the meaning of light, time, space and truth. The intention of these visuals is to encourage one to question the meaning of words, and the definition of existence itself. How do you define various words? Ideas? Realities? What is your reality? What do you question? Do you question? What is normal? What is reality? What is freedom? Light? Life? How do you define time? Space? What are we? Beings? Human? How may one take part in the evolution, the perpetual Revolution of mankind today? What are things we take for granted that we don’t question? A wise man once told me, “Any question is better than any answer.” The soundtrack for the first part of this film utilizes speeches from voices such as Alan Watts and Charlie Chaplin. The music was taken and edited from soundcloud and includes Say, by INDECENCE, Dreams by n u a g e s, and Power Of V3 (Prod. TheOfficialTone), by DahomieValentino (V3). The second part of this piece is one song from iTunes, Spirit Bird by Xavier Rudd. 

Artist information:

Elsa Marie Keefe is from Manchester-by-the-Sea,  a small seaside community on the north shore of Boston. Growing up in a small hippy home amidst a myriad of mansions before transitioning down south for school at Elon University, a bubble in the middle of a ghetto, paved the way for 'the freedom complex.' She has an intensive liberal arts background, as she has studied in almost all areas of academia. With an extreme interest in sociology, psychology, anthropology, astronomy, astrology and mysticism, she utilized her communications and art classes to help give focus to her interests. Photography and documentary studies provided her with various platforms, methods, and means by which she is now able to disseminate her visions. The two main topics of art and conversation that have developed more recently into the overall "freedom" complex or project, are nudity and prison. The unification of these two contrasting experiences inspire her work. Growing up in a predominantly white community, with substantial nudity and constant encouragement to "be free," at times she felt and feels like a prisoner of the mind, forced to cope with too many options and too much freedom, however ridiculous or outrageous that may sound. The prison system has become a priority for her since her documentary class with Ken Hassel at Elon, where she began visiting Keith Phillips every week during his visitation hours, as he is incarcerated for life with no parole. Her background and accomplishments are predominantly in fashion and commercial work, an industry that she hopes to avoid at all costs at this point in her life, except or unless she has the opportunity to change it. She has also designed, created, and printed a substantial number of books over recent years hoping for another form of residual income. Soon she will have a website finished that is solely for fundraising. She still communicates via letters with Keith as she is almost done typing his autobiography. All he wants is to make enough money to afford a retrial, and to buy basic supplies such as soap and food. She hopes to publish his book within the year, and make a short documentary film to bring further attention to the intricacies of the racial divide and the widespread inequality that exists across our nation. Whether a physical or mental slave, we are all one. Sending Keith money to eat while trying to feed herself has taken a toll on her over the past few years. She has had to take a break from typing and focus on her fine art photography (nudes in nature / transcendence series) in hopes of gaining media attention and investors that she can use to continue her true passion, abolishing or dismantling the prison system in this country, letting out innocent children, who deserve the chance to be free. Nobody wants to be born or die behind bars. Would you?

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