Imagine Me Big

Imagine Me Big
By Miriam Ancis

March 5 - March 17, 2014

chashama 1351 Gallery
1351 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY
On view from the street 24 hours a day.

Before I was an artist I was a rabbi, but I never believed in God. Now I experience faith every day: my art making is the vital engagement of the private and the shared. 
Metamorphosis fascinates and informs me. The cycles of life inevitably bring change. From my giving birth to empty nest, from loss to joy, each opening upon the next, these stages shape the content and forms. Sculpting transformed into painting, white plaster into vivid paint. My collage paintings comprise elements cut out and moved into place. Returning to sculpture with an arsenal of color, the sculptures are flat painted planes interspersed with wood. I use recognized symbols of daily life to bridge private interiors and external realities -- biological illustrations, EKG lines, architectural grids, geometric forms, biomorphic shapes. Formerly focusing on the home and gallery, I now also create models with an eye towards public art. In the "Quantum Confetti" series, for example, the carefree solidity of a drawn line creates a tension between the open interior and the expansive exterior space. Colorful geometric planes –- circles, rectangles -- gather and adhere as if hurled or attracted, adding magnetic capability to the structure. There is a sense of possibility at work. The pieces express energy, constraint and matter -- the stuff of the universe. Each brilliantly colored fragment is inexorably drawn into a structure and, against their will, they become something, a reflection of the primordial forces of gravity that draw chaos together and make it possible for Being to be.

Tags: window, sculpture, Harlem
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