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Join a Studio Artist from chashama's Workspace Program for a Spring or Summer Internship!

Want first-hand experience of a studio artist's practice? A selection of studio artists in our Workspace Program are seeking interns for this Spring/Summer (see below for a list of available internships, their descriptions, and instructions about how to apply).

About chashama's Workspace Program
chashama’s Workspace Program, one of the largest artist studio program in New York, provides subsidized studio space to over a hundred New York based artists, giving them the space to create. 

Available Internships
Please Note: these internship opportunities are with/through the individual artists and are NOT through chashama--if you have any questions, please contact the artist offering the internship directly.

Spring - Summer 2017

- Immediate/Flexible (3 - 6 months) with Linda NIcholas. For more info and application instructions, click here.

- March 2017 (2 - 3 months) with Suzanne Goldenberg. For more info and application instructions, click here.

March - May 2017 (3 months) with Beatrix Piesh. For more info and application instructions, click here

April - May 2017 (2 months) with Caleb Nussear. For more info and application instructions, click here

- May - July 2017 (3 months) with Suyeon Na. For more info and application instructions, click here.

Intern with Suzanne Goldenberg, Brooklyn Army Terminal

Duration: Spring 2017, 2 - 3 months.

Start Date: Mid March 2017.
Location: Brooklyn Army Terminal, 140 58th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Hours/Schedule: 1-2 days per week, on Tues/Thurs/Sat or Sun.

Description: Looking for a reliable intern to help update a website and organize materials and artworks in the studio. Interest in mixed media sculpture, drawing, collage, textiles, and video is a plus.
Qualifications/Skills: Highly organized, computer savvy, familiar with handling artworks and materials.

About the Artist: Suzanne Goldenberg is an artist working in a variety of media including drawing, collage, textiles, video and sculpture. Through an improvisational process, she transforms found and scavenged materials, often what might be considered detritus and of no apparent value, into unexpected sculptural compositions that bear traces of the emotional, the architectural and the comic, but are ultimately non-literal. In these sculptures, the materials retain their histories as the waste by-product of our consumer society, but through a  sensitivity to their other possible lives, Goldenberg transforms them into rich materials forming precarious structures poised between growth and collapse.
How to apply: Please send a letter of intent and resume to

Intern with Suyeon Na, Brooklyn Army Terminal

Duration: Summer 2017, 3 months.

Start Date: May 2017.

Location: Brooklyn Army Terminal, 140 58th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Hours/Schedule: 2 five sessions (10 hours a week), days are flexible.

Description: Intern would assist with art production, packing and shipping of artworks, researching artist opportunities and grants, ordering supplies, documenting artwork, and updating website and social media. Intern will learn various skills necessary to be a professional working artist. International students are welcome to apply.

Qualifications/Skills: Adobe Photoshop, basic computer skills and internet research skills. Interest or experience in watercolor painting is a plus!

About the Artist: Korean-born and New York-based visual artist Suyeon Na investigates the fluidity of the self and the complexity of the world around her, by manipulating images sourced from newspaper, fashion magazines and patterns on the surface of fabrics we see every day. Na mines the imagery from fairytales, mythology, and Asian folklore which influenced her childhood, and combines them with the remnants of today’s world. 

Na received a BFA from Seoul National University and a MFA from Pratt Institute. Her work has been widely exhibited at numerous venues in the U.S., Korea, Japan and India. She has also served as a jour and mentor for the NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program and awarded artist grants and studio spaces from the Vermont Studio Center, Chashama Visual Arts Studio, and the Contemporary Artists Center. 
How to apply: Please send a letter of intent, CV, and 2~3 images of your own work (72dpi) to

Intern with Linda Nicholas, Brooklyn Army Terminal

Duration:  3-6 months.

Start Date: Flexible start date.

Location: Brooklyn Army Terminal, 140 58th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Hours/Schedule: Flexible schedule, between 11-5pm, five to six days a month.

Description: Intern would help artist with cutting cut outs and mounting work, as well as maintaining social media accounts, and photo and video editing.

Qualifications/Skills: Experience with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier, knowledgeable of social media practices, comfortable in studio environment, such as handling and mounting artworks.

About the Artist: Looking to the natural world for inspiration on my obsession with our environment, I encounter altered elements, fluids, solidified capsules, and evaporations. These become random pours, fragments cut-out and peeled off to make hybrids suggestive of constructed matter circulating in the body, nature, and the whole universe—a living organic and cosmic fluid, a primal composite soup. The floating clusters in my "Parallel Universe" series remain indefinable, weaving and shifting between whole and part, questioning and challenging our perception of space and representation. Artist’s work can be viewed at
How to apply: Please send a letter of intent and resume to Linda

Intern with Caleb Nussear, Brooklyn Army Terminal

Duration: 2 months.

Start Date: April or May 2017.

Location: Brooklyn Army Terminal, 140 58th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Hours/Schedule: Wednesdays and Fridays, 10am-2pm.

Description: Intern would help with administrative tasks, such as building and updating a website, conducting research, updating social media, and maintaining email correspondence with art-world professionals. Intern would also have hands-on studio tasks, such as bsic paper folding techniques, glass cutting and polishing, preparing gessoed panels, basic wood/metalworking, drawing techniques and photography.

Qualifications/Skills: Confident writer, familiarity with Wordpress, proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, studio experience preferred.

About the Artist: Caleb Nussear is an American artist living in New York City. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion from Bard College at Simon’s Rock and an M.A. in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago. Mr. Nussear is a self-taught artist, and his work is tinged conceptually with his early education in philosophy and religion.  Overall his work is based on the overlap between complex formal geometries, physical and mathematical concepts of higher dimensionality, the natural landscape as it is found, and finally, a sensual and tensile drawn line. He is comfortable working in drawing, sculpture, performance, photography, and installation; perhaps his favorite method of working is within project-based collaborative ventures with fellow artists and thinkers from a wide range of disciplines.

How to apply: Interested Candidates please send resume and samples of studio work to  Compensation $12 per hour. Serious inquiries only!

Intern with Beatrix Piesh, Brooklyn Army Terminal

Duration: 3 months.

Start Date: March 2017.

Location: Brooklyn Army Terminal, 140 58th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Hours/Schedule: Mondays and Fridays, 11am-4pm (8 hours per week).

Description: Intern would help with arts organization, cataloging and the graphic design of brochures, invitations and posters for upcoming solo exhibition in NYC.

Qualifications/Skills: Computer savvy, sense of visual art and design.

About the Artist: Ordinary rituals are part of everyday life. Our personal rituals define who we are, what we value, what we strive for, our dreams. Collectively, they define our culture, our times, our society’s fears and hopes. I am interested in exploring how ordinary, everyday rituals take on extraordinary meaning. I create work that layers and merges fragments of ritual experience combined with the change elements that infuse daily life with mystery, allowing us to interpret art according to our own dreams and desires. My creative process mirrors the themes I am trying to explore. Through a combination of repetition and chance, the meaning often emerges for me after the creation takes place. Then, I uncover it layer by layer as an archeologist might put together a picture of a distant past society by uncovering fragments of elements of their everyday live and rituals.

How to apply: Please send CV, short bio and skills set to Beatrix J. Piesh,

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