Intersectional Journeys

Intersectional Journeys
by Linda Vigdor

June 8 – 21, 2014

Opening reception:
Sunday, June 8, 3 – 6 PM

Gallery hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 2 – 7 PM
Saturday & Sunday, June 14, 15, & 21, 1 – 7 PM or by appointment

chashama 457 Gallery
457 West 125th Street
New York, NY

Works of art are visual thought experiments into what could or might be. And yet, no matter how ambitious or freethinking these thoughts, it is immensely difficult to think outside deeply embedded cultural norms and practices. Linda Vigdor’s sculptures and drawings explore the dualisms that play out in everyday experience. In this new work she investigates ideas of being in a world that is constantly in flux yet infused with conventions of language, images, and practices that act as conceptual boundaries in how we imagine ourselves and our journeys. Each sculpture or drawing represents a micro journey or world of oppositions. The work is inspired in part by Donna Haraway and Karen Barad’s notions of a feminist technoscience that understands objectivity to be diffracted rather than absolute. Other influences are Deleuze’s undressing of the underlying binary relationships that frame our perceptions of the world and Italo Calvino’s journeys grounded in questions that he invites us into in Invisible Cities. Vigdor puts disparate materials, imagery, or worldviews in tension or close proximity to play with ambiguous journeys with no real beginning, end, or instrumental purpose; only questions, really. Using core materials of basswood, gouache, silverpoint, metal, and fabric, she creates images or objects derived from nature, astrophysics, couture fashion, symbols, art, and architecture. The works exhibited include a carved boxes covered with silverpoint drawings, silverpoint and mixed media drawings on paper, metal and mixed media sculptures, and an evolving series of mixed media oars.

Artist's Bio:

Linda Vigdor (b. 1950, New York) is an artist based in New York City. She received her PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in NY. This is Linda Vigdor’s first solo exhibition after taking time off from art to earn her PhD, during which time she published her research on gender and technology, art-science collaborations, and feminist technoscience in peer-reviewed journals and books. In the 1990s, she was a pioneer in creating real-time 3D artworks for the web. Her work has been included in national and international exhibitions.
For more information visit: or contact Linda Vigdor,, 860-978-9645, or 646-586-3121

Tags: gallery, sculpture, Harlem
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