Protected Spaces

Protected Spaces 
By Kathleen Jansyn

November 9 - December 1, 2013

chashama 443 Windows Gallery
443 West 127th Street
New York, NY

About the Installation:

We are all in constant need of various kinds of shelter.  I want to explore this human vulnerability.  At the same time I want to celebrate the indestructible human spirit that finds ways to meet our needs. Clothing is one form of protection, simultaneously intimate and public.  Clothing can tell many personal stories in and out of social conventions- stories of dreams and hopes and surrender. My installation is a room full of tent-like structures I have fabricated from previously-worn clothing.  These structures create protected spaces. I hope viewers will add their own visions of beauty and spirit to those of the people who wore the clothing.

Artist's Bio:

Kathleen Jansyn's professional background is in design for the theatre, primarily costume design.  She works on Broadway and has an MFA in Theatre Design from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  Her parallel and equally active art practices employ her theatrical sensibilities to her assemblages, sculptures and installations, which are often fabric-based.

Tags: installation, window, Harlem, chashama 443, 443 W 127th Street
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