Reciprocity: Welcome to My Territory

Reciprocity: Welcome to My Territory
by Seung Ae Kim & Shani Peters |

Open to public: April 16th and 17th, 5pm to 9pm

chashama 2016
2016 Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard
New York, NY

Reciprocity: Welcome to My Territory explores the complexities and simplicities of shared experience that exists within a relationship. Seung Ae Kim and Shani Peters are artists, women, Korean and Black American, respectively, and friends. Their collaborative project examines the historical, political and geographical circumstances that brought Kim and Peters to the same place and time while revealing the everyday parts of life that compose interpersonal relationships.
Their multipart installation centers around a constructed fence enclosure made of cut cardboard and a culturally referential fabrics and materials. Around and within the fence are similarly handmade mounds of "territory" made of packing materials and tape. At first glance this room filled with structures resembling land masses and barriers may call to mind combat zones and highly politicized concepts. However, when inspected further viewers will find imaginative collages of cultural imagery throughout the installation. From the tape mounds will protrude flags composed of images of food, culture and symbolic references. Viewers will see that the fence structure does, in fact, have a welcoming opening and inside more artificial land masses, these ones substantial enough to sit on, get comfortable and share some of there own personal experiences with friends. The surrounding walls will be filled with more installation details as well an edition of prints that further explore the contrast between historical/political realities and the lived, interpersonal experiences of culture, gender, and imagination.
Tags: gallery, installation, Harlem, exhibit, chashama 2016, 2016 Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard
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