Paul Santoleri

Window installation and nightly projections
May 16 - June 3,  2014

chashama 1351 Windows Gallery
1351 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY

Artist's statement:

SEA URCHIN is named after something I found on a faraway beach and kept on my windowsill for many years. After a certain time, though, I started to gather these random findings, shells, small pieces of street or nature-found beauty, and put them into jars, mason jars with leaden lids that were given to me by my mother from her antique collection. In this way all of these random things were suddenly kept all  together, and although I could see only fragments of each thing, they retained their uniqueness in the collective.

When I sometimes look into these jars full of memories , the underlying feeling that endlessly returns is the presence of waves crashing on the shore, churning sands and stones, moving them about, exposing and then hiding. It is constant. I made this piece and called it sea urchin after a finding that sits at the bottom of one of the jars. You can see it best if you pick up the jar and hold it up to the light.

Tags: window, video, Harlem
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