TAG Yourself

detail from I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness (Last Supper) by Rivers Liu

TAG Yourself | Teen Art Gallery (T.A.G.)

March 3 - 9, 2018

One Brooklyn Bridge Park (waterfront side of 360 Furman Street between Piers 5 + 6)
Brooklyn, NY
generously donated by a partnership of RAL Companies, Vanke US and Oliver's Realty Group
Nearest Trains: R, 4, 5, 2, 3
Ferry service to Pier 6: NYC Ferry South Brooklyn Route

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 3, 5 - 8pm
6:30 - 8pm: slam poetry / performances / open mic

Open Hours:
Saturday, March 3, 5 - 8pm
Sunday, March 4, 11am - 5pm
Monday, March 5, 4 - 7pm
Tuesday, March 6, 4 - 7pm
Wednesday, March 7, 4 - 7pm
Thursday, March 8, 4 - 7pm
Friday, March 9, 4 - 9pm: Film night and music at 7pm
On view 24/7, through window.

TAG Yourself brings together pieces by over 30 young artists from different backgrounds. The phrase “tag yourself,” popularized by internet culture, signifies the unique way teenagers deal with labels. Particularly for our generation, we praise differences. Yet, we often struggle to express these identities and to connect with larger communities. The pieces featured in the show grapple with this contradiction; how you may view yourself, and how the surrounding world does.

Featuring works by Juan C. Pereanez-Bermeo, Gabrielle Broome, Chloe Hiu See Tsang, Julie Sharpe, Rivers Liu, Spencer Julien, Sally Pfeiffer, Noa Lin, Christina Oyawale, Andrew Noorily, Isabella Abate, William Gary, Valerie Wu, Cynthia Zhou, Audrey Ji, Athena Chu, Juliet Di Carlo, Becca Daniels, Tova Kleiner, Abby Phillips, Chloe Tsang, Isabella Vella, Sebrina Gao, Taylor Bluestine, Olivia Kerr, Rachel Lee, Felipe Urrutia, Claire Yoo, Surya Gowda, and Kas Yu.

About T.A.G.

Teen Art Gallery (T.A.G.) was founded in 2011 and promotes the work of artists under 20. Run by a group of high school students, T.A.G. is committed to creating opportunities for young people to share their art in a professional setting. By connecting artists to a wider audience, T.A.G. provides visibility and recognition to work that would otherwise remain unseen.

Teen Art Gallery has previously exhibited at Creative Time, BravinLee Programs, and Salon 94. Teen Art Gallery has received media attention from outlets such as the New York Times, Teen Vogue, Paper and the Huffington Post.

Teen Art Gallery is run by Co-Directors Gustie Owens, Amelia Connelly, and Jonathan Katz and Team Members Surya Gowda, Jacob Perez, Isabel Ackerman, Rivers Liu, Olivia Ross, Emma Kleinberg, Charlotte McEvoy, Natalia Mercedes, Priyanka Voruganti, Abigail Salzhauer, Cy Goudsmit, Natasha Gaither, and Gabrielle Broome.

For more information, visit: www.teenart.gallery or contact: teenartgallery@gmail.com

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