The Over and the Under

The Over and the Under
by Eric Corriel 

chashama 1351
1351 Amsterdam Avenue
(between 125th & 126th St.) 
New York, NY 

October 11 - 28, 2012

Opening Reception: 
Thursday, October 11, 8 - 9 pm 

Gallery Hours:
Sunset to Sunrise, nightly

The Over and the Under  is about removing people from their terrestrial urban experience and placing them, for just a few moments, at the zenith of the over and the nadir of the under, which is to say, above the clouds and below the sea. 

AS the bookends of our own natural environment are smushed together, we can't help but realize we live in between these two extremes where the For Rent signage is... 

This piece is also about calm repose, reflection, an escape from the urban and the terrestrial, and bringing bright and fully saturated colors to an otherwise monochrome harlem block. 

For additional information and to schedule an appointment, contact Eric Corriel (artist):


Tags: window, interactive, video
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