The Quarters Project

The Quarters Project
by Samm Cohen and Joseph A. W. Quintela

July 30 - September 5, 2015

chashama 461 Gallery
461 West 126th Street
New York, NY

Opening Reception:
Thursday, July 30th, 7-10pm

Closing Reception:
Thursday, September 3rd, 7-10pm

Addtional Events:
Dance and Literary Performances
Saturday, August 15th, 1-4pm

Champagne Brunch
Sunday, August 30th, 12-3pm

Open Hours:
Wednesday, 12-6pm
Thursday, 2-8pm
Friday - Sunday, 12-6pm
Closed August 17th - 26th

Available for viewing by appointment. See artist contact below.

The Quarter Project is the product of year-long collaboration between artists Samm Cohen and Joseph A. W. Quintela. Capitalizing on the contrast of their fluency in various media, the series uses the geometric configuration of the quarter to generate visual conversation. The work incorporates the use of wide variety of material, including LED lights, acrylic, oil, fabric, metal, glue, glass, plastic, text, household detritus, and paper. Cohen says about the work: "This joint effort is an opportunity to explore, comment, and reflect aesthetic perspectives with another artist in a confined space." Quintela says about the work: "Always chaotic, often contentious, inevitably ending in compromises on both ends, the Quarters project engages with the fact that art is never made in a vacuum, is never the product of a single vision." With each work assigned a strict set of rules and boundaries at the outset, the finished works are contrastingly exuberant and rife with the exchange of creative energy.

About the Artist:
Samm Cohen is a multimedia artist, art therapist, and now art-organizer working at harnessing her boundless feelings and twisted thoughts into striking artworks and collaborations. The uncompromising quality of the work demonstrates devotion to her art and exploring emotions, incorporating color, texture, and the confrontational subject. It implores an immediate reaction and a fervent lasting impact. Recently, she has been working with artist Joseph A. W. Quintela on Smith&Jones and The Quarters Project, which will have its first showing at chashama this summer. Samm has shown in over 30 various art exhibitions (both solo and group), and has published/interviewed in a number of different journals.

Joseph A. W. Quintela is a poet, artist, publisher, and art-organizer working at the fault lines emergent in the face of post-textual and post-productive modes of living. With a particular interest in material excess, systemic collapse, and generative revitalization, his practice harnesses a fluency in a variety of media including paint, light, books, text, and culinary ingredrients. Solo exhibitions in New York have included Portrait of the Cast of You in Eye (Dumbo Sky, 2013) and FOOT | KNOTS (Project Space Envelope, 2012). He has organized exhibitions for Undercurrent Projects (Books Without Words, 2014), Terrazzo Art Projects (Se Cayo Todo, 2014), and the Brooklyn-based Pop-Up initiative Smith&Jones. Ongoing displays of his work are housed at The Strand, Central Booking (LES), and Salina’s Restaurant (Chelsea).

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the artist at

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