Titan and the Rings of Saturn

Titan and the Rings of Saturn | Valerie Mayers

April 11 - July 17, 2017

Lobby of 733 Third Ave
New York, NY

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm

Inspired by the Cassini spacecraft flyby of the planet Saturn (launched by NASA in 1997), these photographic canvases represent an imaginative interpretation of Saturn’s beautiful and dazzling rings of ice and rock. Each ring is named for a letter of the alphabet, in the order that it was discovered. The combinations of light, color, and geometry in the canvases are meant to capture the rings' awe and mystery, which have fascinated people since Galileo first viewed the rings of Saturn over 400 years ago (1610 AD).

The sister canvas, Titan, projects a massive, solid image. Titan is the second-largest moon in our solar system. The layered composition of the piece represents the dense water, ice, and rocky materials, which comprise the surface of Titan.

About the Artist
Valerie Mayers is a native New Yorker who has been creating and displaying large scale photographic art for over two decades. Her art form focuses on imaging natural objects—abstracting the unique colors, textures, and contours of each object into dynamic compositions.

Valerie's photographic compositions have been showcased at various galleries and venues including The Manhattan Borough President's Office (2013), The National Arts Club (2013-16), and at multiple Starbucks Corporation locations throughout NYC ( 2010-present). In collaboration with the Professional Woman Photographers Organization, Valerie has exhibited at the Atlantic Gallery (2014-2015) and the Jadeite Gallery (2016). Her work has been published in the associated photobooks, Primarily Color, It All In The Details, and Scene on the Street. Valerie has received an International Photography Award from the Angel Orensanz Foundation as featured artist with the See.Me Gallery and a Times Square Billboard Award (2014). Her work in digital and integrated media can be viewed online at ValphotographyNYC.com.

For more info, email: Valphoto08@gmail.com

Tags: photography, 733 Durst lobby
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