Curated by Natalie J. Frazier

October 22-28, 2014

chashama 461 Gallery
461 West 126th Street
New York, NY 10027 

Thursday October 23, 6-9pm

THE SEED, an experimental art collaborative, will be hosting its first show at chashama gallery in Harlem on October 23. The opening reception will launch a five day exhibit featuring original works in a variety of mediums. The same, single dream (THE SEED) was given to all artists to be used as inspiration for a new piece of work. The exhibit will feature art by painters, sculptors, designers, filmmakers- to name a few, with work inspired by this common thread. 
THE SEED was organized by Natalie J. Frazier as an outlet for sharing her written dreams. Because dreams are solitary experiences, she wanted to find a way to share them in a manner that allowed them to exist beyond her own mind. This project was fashioned to encourage other individuals to engage with her dream beyond the storyteller/reader dynamic, but on a personal and creative level. By offering her dream as a common launching pad for other artists' work, the interpretation would then stem from those artists. The collection of those works can then be further experienced and interpreted by the audience allowing this one simple dream, THE SEED, to have unexpected meanings and growth.

Curator Biography:
Natalie is a writer and New York City Realtor with a love of organizing events and bringing communities together. After practicing law in Texas, she moved to New York and began selling real estate. She enjoys developing ways to feed her creative urges, often by organizing events aimed at showcasing talent.
THE SEED is the first project wherein she has actually injected her own creative work, by authoring the subject dream for this show.

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Tags: painting, sculpture, film, gallery, installation, Harlem, 461 W 126th Street, group exhibit
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