The Shapes of My Heartbreak

The Shapes of My Heartbreak
by Tanya Minhas

October 1 - 17, 2015

chashama 266
266 West 37th Street
New York, NY

Artist Reception:
Friday, October 16, 6-8pm

Wall Drawing Erasure:
Commences Friday, October 16 @ 8pm

In her ephemeral wall drawing installation The Shapes of My Heartbreak, outsider artist and painter Tanya Minhas will use acrylics and ink to draw her repetitive artwork directly onto the walls and window of chashama's 266 West 37th gallery space. The gallery will remain open to viewers for a set time each day while she draws.

At the end of the project, at the tail end of the October 16 reception, she will begin erasing the entire installation, repainting the walls their original color.

This specific installation is inspired by the search for her own visceral visual language to express how outwardly fleeting moments - of love, loss, guilt, joy, redemption, abandon -  have touched her spirit. Her work is an invitation to step into her world for just one moment. It is a harmony blending the external and the internal.

This will be the artist's first "destruction and erasure" of her own work. However it is in fact a celebration of freedom - of not being attached to her creation, of knowing that the spark of this specifc visual language is alive within her being.

About the Artist:
Tanya Minhas is a painter living and working in New York City. She was born and brought up in Pakistan, and moved to the US as a teenager to attend Princeton University. Falling in love dislocated her, and relocated her, from her childhood home to Manhattan, and her new family, which fell apart, abruptly and catastrophically. Reconciling two worlds was unexpectedly difficult and she often felt as if there were two versions of her as their coexistence got increasingly distorted. Her artwork is therefore about transformation, the search for an ultimate unity of self and the world. She explores enforced separations, anxieties housed in differences, nature responding to disruptions, and coming to terms with growing apart, and estranged, from the familiar. Her work is her visual expression of life devoted to finding harmony and beauty in ordinary real life.

Her yarn sculpture Metamorphosis (for Playtime New York) was the Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, August 1-3, 2015
Her solo painting show "The Colour of Our Intentions" was at ARdnaglass, Woodstock, New York, June 6-August 31, 2015.
In April 2014, she designed an egg sculpture for Faberge's Big Egg Hunt, that was displayed at Rockefeller Center for the duration of the event.

In September 2013, she was a selected artist at the Governor's Island Art Fair 2013.
Most of her wall drawings and large scale drawings on paper are commissioned work.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact the artist at

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