Victory Theater Video Art

Detail of video still by Colby Cannon Welsh

Victory Theater Video Art  |  Curated by Colby Cannon Welsh

October 18 - 20, 2016

Anita's Way
137 West 42nd Street
(the through-block connecting 42nd and 43rd streets,
between Broadway and 6th Ave)
New York, NY

Nearest Trains: 1, 2, 3, S, 7, B, D, F, M, N, Q, R

Tuesday, October 18, 6-10pm
Wednesday, October 19, 6-10pm
Thursday, October 20, 6-10pm

The program runs on continuous loop and the space remains open to the public between 6 - 10pm, visitors are welcome to join the audience at any point.

Closing Reception: Thursday, October 20, 8-10pm

In Times Square, the mecca of digital displays, Victory Theater Video Art--named in homage to the first ‘smut’ theatre on 42nd Street--presents diverse approaches to the moving-image by contemporary artists.

Featured Works:

- Opportunity, Anita Spooner

- Skills in Demand, Anthony Antonellis
--music: Alma Alloro

- Southern Fold, Caleigh Birrell

- Face Lift, Cat Del Buono

- Samba#2, Chameckilerner

- The Robotic Church, Chico MacMurtrie/ARW

- Cherry Fish, Colby Cannon

- Garden Truths, Jade Burstall

- Human Nature, Jake Scharbach--sound design and music: Adam Steiglitz

- Ennui and The Canola Sea, Joshua Beahan & Jenna Dawkins--starring: Colby Cannon, Dan Walker, Candice Storey, and Ivan Smith, cinematography: Ruwan De Silva, sound: AMOTD (Andrew Cherry, Lloyd Marsden and Joshua Beahan)

- Spliced Fragments, Lauren Geiger--editing: Colby Cannon

- Dreams of 42nd St, Michael Intile--music: Kaskade

About the Curator
Colby Cannon is a multidisciplinary visual artist working in a combination of performance, video, object, color, and installation. Cannon has installed, exhibited, and curated gallery and public displays of art extensively in Australia and shown work in USA, Germany, Hong Kong, and Poland.

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