Where Chaos Meets the Sublime

Where Chaos Meets the Sublime:
Compositional Paintings from the Diane Davis Studio

January 12 - 25, 2012

chashama 461 Gallery
461 West 126th Street
(between Amsterdam and Morningside)
New York, NY

Artist Reception:  Friday, January 20, 6 – 9 pm
Gallery Open: Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays: 12 – 6 pm

According to Leslie Wasserberger (lwassart@aol.com):

The paintings, consisting of modified viscosities of polymer paint on canvas, were curated directly from Ms. Davis' Manhattan studio. Though she is most recognized for her exquisite color sense, 'stain glass' cobalt blues to her misty sea foam greens, self-mixed colors that can bring one down to their knees, what is of utmost importance for Ms. Davis is her artistic translation of her observance of the clustering and rearrangement of city people in what she has coined 'urban compositions.' Over a decade in the making, from geometric to the current explosive organic shapes, the mind's eye informing these works is Diane Davis' highly personal, intuitive understanding of the laws of Physics.   

All the work in this series is art historically significant for they were made without study of, nor even knowledge of Geometric Abstraction or Abstract Expressionism. Diane Davis, starting out as an artist late in life, arrived at that changing point where she had to create to survive. Even though Ms. Davis may be classified (or not) as an ‘outsider artist’ she has non-the-less traveled similar paths as the big three: de Kooning, Rothko and Pollack, but ‘with a touch of Einstein.’

One of the highlights in this show is Composition 23, 2011, a diptych, chromatically as soft and weightless as a snowflake. However, the organic shapes violated by splatters of a vivid red iron oxide speak of a tension, and are visual proof of Diane Davis' intense race with nano-second time constraints as she deals with the relationships of water evaporation, surrounding air temperature, flows of different pigment viscosities responding to various tilts of the canvas (laying on Ms. Davis' studio floor), and of that 'thing' called gravity.

This is the artist's second solo exhibition at chashama's 461 Studio Gallery. 

Artist's website: www.dianedavisfinearts.com

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